Sunday, October 30, 2016

Finding a good Chicago SEO Company

Do you need a Chicago SEO Company today ? Wait don't rush. You need to evaluate a few criterias to find the suitable SEO company in Chicago Oregon for you.

There are a few criterias to determine the best Chicago SEO Company:

1. Does this Chicago SEO Company has experienced consultants?

SEO is a long term game and there have many tons of changes throughout the years. If the Chicago SEO Company do not have experienced staff, how are they going to help you?

2. Does the Chicago SEO Company forces you to a long term contract?

Some Chicago SEO Company loved to hold you to a long contact so you cannot shake them off should they produce very bad results. What if they do not do anything at the first month. You need to protect yourself from the very worse Chicago SEO Company.

3 How much are they charging for their Chicago SEO Services?

Is the Chicago Oregon seo company charging you based on market rate? Well cost is relative according to performance, you still need to justify the costs. This is a competitive market and the price for Chicago seo services should be competitive as well. Make sure to check with the top 5 to understand how much is the average price like.

4. How are the Chicago SEO Company going to help you with your offpage factors

A good Chicago SEO Company will work on your backlinks carefully. They will build your backlinks in a natural velocity according to your traffic. A bad natural velocity will cause a lot of dance in your rankings. So make sure your Chicago SEO Company knows that.

5. How are the Chicago SEO Company going to help you with your onpage factors

A dilligent Chicago SEO Company will always look into your onpage first before working on the offpage. Why? Because of google Panda ! With Panda algorithms, google will see what keywords are you optimizing for and monitor your anchor text used in your backlinks.

A knowledgable Chicago SEO Company understand this and will avoid breaking google algorithms.

6. Ask Chicago SEO Company about your current weak and strong points.

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